HydraTech PolySpray

Advanced Polyurea-based Coatings

PolySpray is an advanced line of Polyurea based coatings that resemble a spray-applied plastic. These coatings provide outstanding abrasion and corrosion resistance and are utilized in applications that require a tough, high build lining.

While traditional coatings are typically limited to thin films and tend to be brittle in nature, PolySpray offers a high build, non-brittle coating without sacrificing physical properties. The tough but flexible properties of PolySpray provide a coating ideally suited to withstand mechanical shock, and the snap cure allows for immediate return to service.  These high-build, seamless coatings are ideal for waterproofing and encapsulation applications where rapid return to service is required.

  • High Flexibility & Toughness
  • Immediate Return to Service
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Excellent Mechanical Properties
  • High-Build Liner
  • Seamless
  • Insensitive to Environment
  • Thermal Stability
  • Moisture Tolerant

PolySpray for Culverts

PolySpray is an environmentally friendly system that can be spray-applied to various thicknesses and cures in minutes. The application can be used as a structural repair to partially deteriorated culverts or as a protective barrier to degraded inverts.

PolySpray offers a high build, non-brittle lining without sacrificing physical properties.

  • No-dig repair to steel culvert inverts that are exposed to erosion and corrosion
  • High build spray-applied structural liner with flexibility and toughness
  • Complies with ASTM F-1216, ASTM A849
  • Abrasion resistant – Reduce wear and extend life of system
  • Minimal traffic disruption
  • Enhance structural integrity Rapid return to service
  • 50 year design life

Rehabilitate culverts in three simple steps:

  1. Evaluate if culvert is a candidate for rehabilitation.

  2. Clean debris, dewater and patch areas to be lined.

  3. PolySpray the culvert to the required thickness.

PolySpray Product Line for Culverts:

PolySpray SS100 – Provides a semi-structural lining that is abrasion resistant to preserve and enhance design life.

PolySpray FS250 – Provides a fully-structural lining to repair deteriorated pipe.

PolySpray for Structures

PolySpray is a spray-applied lining system for pipe lining, waste water treatment secondary containment tank lining, waterproofing, and maritime deck lining. It provides extraordinary toughness and flexibility, yet allows immediate return to service. When applied, it is a structural, high-build liner to bridge cracks and fill pinhole leaks, and it resists fracturing under impacts or loads. It is chemical and abrasion resistant, and reduces wear to extend system operational life.

  • Fast Cure – Tack free under 30 sec High Build
  • From 1mm to 50mm Abrasion Resistant
  • Impact Resistant
  • Environmentally friendly (no VOCs)
  • Elastomeric – 100% to 800% Elongation

PolySpray Product Line for Structures:

PolySpray SS100 – Semi-structural. Robust and abrasion resistant. 100% elongation.

PolySpray SS200 – Severe service applications. Flexible and tough. 200% elongation.

PolySpray ECR-A – A Flexible, chemical resistant alternative to brittle epoxies.

PolySpray HE-800 – Tough, flexible, abrasion resistant. 800% elongation.

PolyLube – Retains integrity of hoses and seals when equipment is not in use.

PolyFlush – Pump and cleaning solvent. High flash point.

PolyPrime – 100% solids, deep penetrating, fast drying concrete primer.

PolyPrep – Adhesion promoter for recoating cured PolySpray.