SpectraShield Liner Systems

“It’s not sealed unless it’s SpectraShield.”

SpectraShield’s patented polymeric lining system will protect your manholes, your wastewater structures, and your budget.

SpectraShield is a unique, multi-layered liner system created specifically to protect both new and existing manholes, plus large wastewater structures such as lift stations, wet wells, and other treatment facilities. SpectraShield has been installed in thousands of structures throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Our unique, multiple layering process:

  • Stops infiltration and corrosion
  • Protects wastewater infrastructure from damaging hydrogen sulfide
  • Restores wastewater structure surfaces to their original profile
  • Provides an impervious barrier to water penetration
  • Can coat a 7-foot manhole in less than an hour

Unlike other products that are hard and rigid, SpectraShield uses a flexible urethane that can be applied with a minimum thickness of 500 mils. The flexibility means SpectraShield won’t crack when the host structure moves or is stressed by shifts in temperatures, wetness or heavy traffic conditions. SpectraShield is a cost-efficient alternative to manual repair and other liner systems and coatings currently available.

SpectraShield will meet your expectations; just ask any of our hundreds of municipal customers in one of the 29 states where SpectraShield was applied last year. Our 100-year design life and 10-year warranty are the industry benchmark. Millions of square feet of SpectraShield have been applied since the first structure was coated back in 1993; it may be dirty and stained today, but that SpectraShield liner is still in place and still successfully stopping infiltration and corrosion.

3 layers of protection.

A patent-protected, 3-layered spray-on process, SpectraShield creates an innovative “Stress Skin Panel” that stops infiltration and corrosion by sealing, protecting, and resurfacing manholes, wastewater structures, and other underground utilities.

Layer 1

Silicone modified polyurea primes the structure and creates a sealing moisture barrier.

Layer 2

Closed cell polyurethane adhesive foam fills all voids, eroded areas, bug holes, and missing mortar joints, re-leveling structure walls.

Layer 3

Another layer of silicone modified polyurea acts as a UV-proof corrosion barrier.

The SpectraShield Advantage

  • 10-year warranty, 100-year design life

  • Spray-on application is fast, easy, and cures in place

  • Replaces/fills-in missing concrete and damaged brick

  • Reinforces structural strength

  • Prevents manhole leaks, corrosion, and decay in both existing and newly constructed manholes and wastewater structures

  • Cost-efficient solution when compared to other coatings and liner systems

  • Can be applied to any shape or configuration

  • Eliminates VOC compliance issues

Manhole Repair And Preservation

Most threats to a manhole and the wastewater network to which it belongs can be traced to the presence of hydrogen sulfide trapped in the system. This noxious gas takes up residence along the walls of a manhole where it begins to erode the brick, mortar, and concrete construction. In time, hydrogen sulfide will eat away at the walls of the manhole, which can lead to:

  • Corrosion
  • Leaks
  • Groundwater intrusion
  • Exposed rebar
  • Missing brick and mortar
  • Weakened structure strength

Impervious to hydrogen sulfide, SpectraShield rehabilitates manholes damaged by its effects, and protects newly constructed manholes from those effects, making it the ideal solution for:

  • Manhole rehab
  • Manhole repair
  • Manhole leaks
  • Manhole intrusion
  • Manhole decay
  • Manhole restoration
  • Manhole preservation

Large Wastewater Structures Repair and Preservation

Hydrogen sulfide is the nemesis of all wastewater structures. The corrosive gas—along with methane, low oxygen, and other acids—can attack and destroy concrete, brick, and mortar, lead to exposed rebar, and allow leaks both into the structure and back out into the surrounding environment.

A total system for large wastewater structures and manholes, SpectraShield provides a corrosion-resistant liner that restores your wastewaster structure’s walls to their original surface levels while eliminating water infiltration and exfiltration.

A patented, proven polymeric-based system that rehabilitates structures damaged by the effects of hydrogen sulfide, SpectraShield protects newly constructed facilities from suffering a similar fate.

SpectraShield’s 3-layered system goes on quickly and easily, ideal for:

  • Pump stations
  • Lift stations / WWTP’S
  • Wet wells
  • Headworks
  • Grit chambers
  • Clarifiers
  • Aeration basins
  • Chlorine contact chambers
  • Large diameter pipe