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Advanced Rehabilitation Technology is your single source of expertise for underground infrastructure repair.

Advanced Rehabilitation Technology (ART) offers environmentally sound, cure-in-place technologies for a wide variety of structures, surfaces, mechanical requirements and operating conditions. Our high-quality flexible liner systems are a cost-effective, no-dig alternative to the replacement of water, sewer, wastewater, holding systems, manholes, vaults and other components.

Our proven systems remediate infiltration and exfiltration, making operations more cost effective now and for decades to come. Let us show you how we can help your budget do more and go further. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a free product demonstration.

Our Solutions

PolySpray System

This system is ideal for chemical sewers, sanitary waste pipes, storm drain culverts and secondary containments. Learn More

Liner System

SpectraShield is ideal for manholes and large wastewater structures. It’s design life is up to 100 years, providing incomparable value. Learn More


VersaFlex offers polyurea protective coatings, joint fillers, linings and repair materials that are suitable for potable water & food manufacturing applications. Learn more