CCTV Inspection

No-dig camera sewer inspection

Out of sight, out of mind might sound like a good plan, but it is one that can backfire when applied to underground stormwater drains and sewer pipes. These aging systems, buried deep beneath the ground, are easily ignored until a drainage issue or system failure forces emergency inspections and repairs.

Rather than digging up sewer lines to identify the problem, Advanced Rehabilitation Technology technicians are able to use closed-circuit television, or CCTV inspections, to identify the problem and provide a no-dig rehabilitation solution.

CCTV inspection at night

What is a CCTV inspection

Using remote-control cameras, ART can inspect the inside of underground drains, sewer lines and other pipelines. With a CCTV inspection, we capture live images and videos of underground pipes to pinpoint the exact location of drain, sewer and pipe blockages quickly and accurately. We don’t stop there, however, as leading experts in no-dig sewer line repair, our team will also make a recommendation on the most cost-effective repair solution.

CCTV inspections are an environmentally friendly, cost-effective method of inspecting manholes, sewer mains and more. These inspections include the use of:

  • GIS software that can update existing databases
  • Lateral launching inspection and locating
  • Mainline televising using closed-circuit color TV units
  • Camera services for 6”-72” lines
  • NASSCO certified PACP reporting software for defect coding
  • PACP-certified operators
  • Pan and tilt camera head for 360-degree rotation
  • Smoke and dye testing
CCTV inspection
CCTV inspect

Benefits of camera sewer inspections


Real-time inspections mean that we can provide same-day diagnosis followed by maintenance and repair solutions designed specifically for your system.


There is no need to make the problem bigger by digging up underground pipes in hopes you will find the problem. We can pinpoint the exact cause and location of the problem with CCTV inspections and minimize the damage.

Preventative Maintenance

In addition to identifying current issues, CCTV inspections can be used as a preventative maintenance tool to identify cracks, fractures, breaks and other issues before the integrity of the pipe is compromised.

Save Money

CCTV inspections are non-invasive and can give you helpful information that will save you money on excavation and repairs. ART is also committed to providing no-dig repairs, which means the savings continue well beyond the initial inspection.

CCTV in action