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Protecting drinking water distribution systems

The United States is fortunate to have drinking water distribution systems that can provide clean water to even the most remote areas of the country. Although access is not a problem, maintaining the aging infrastructure of pipes and water systems can be an uphill battle.

Drinking water distribution systems rely on metallic and concrete pipes, which are vulnerable to corrosion. Corrosion, or rust, is caused when the metal in the pipes reacts with the oxygen in the water or when the protective layer in concrete steel reinforcement is destroyed. Although a common occurrence, corrosion may not be noticed until it begins to affect the quality of the drinking water and is often a difficult and time-consuming issue to resolve.

Interior coatings for potable water systems

ART specializes in the installation of interior coatings that will rehabilitate and protect potable water systems from the effects of corrosion. Using OBIC 1100PW, we can repair everything from storage tanks and distribution lines to aqueducts and water treatment plants. In addition to the rehabilitation of aging pipes and potable water systems, OBIC 1100PW also protects against future corrosion, extending the life of the affected pipes or systems by decades.

OBIC 1100PW is designed specifically for USDA Food & Beverage compliant applications. Potable water approved for ANSI 61 barrier material, the fast-set polyurea application is long-lasting and will have you up and running again with minimal downtime. Typical installations include potable water containment, water treatment, industrial facilities, food processing plants and bottling & canning plants.

Benefits of OBIC 1100PW for drinking water distribution systems

  • UL certified ANSI/NSF 61 in specific colors
  • Excellent corrosion protection and chemical resistance
  • Excellent impact resistance, even in sub-freezing weather
  • Adheres extremely well to various properly prepared surfaces including metal, wood, concrete and fiberglass
  • High abrasion resistance for harsh environments
  • Seamless monolithic waterproof membrane that is tough and durable
  • Odorless, 100% solids
  • USGBC LEED, EQ Credit 4: Low-emitting VOC Compliant Materials
  • Potable water approved for ANSI 61 barrier material

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As a certified OBIC installer, ART offers high-quality, cost-effective alternatives to the replacement of potable water systems. Protect your systems from the effects of corrosion with ART. Contact us to learn more.