Maintain, Rehabilitate & Restore with ART

As water and wastewater infrastructure continues to age, keeping up with maintenance and repair can become a challenge. Fortunately, ART offers both trenchless sewer repair and potable water maintenance services that are cost-effective and long-lasting. Our services begin with preventative maintenance and CCTV inspections that help keep your sewer lines healthy and operational and extend to rehabilitation services that can restore your systems to peak operating efficiency with minimal downtime.  

With customizable solutions designed for both water and wastewater applications, ART offers services for both public utility departments that manage water and sanitary sewer systems and private industries whose profitability depends on long-lasting potable water systems.

Maintenance & Troubleshooting Services

CCTV sewer inspection 

Using remote-control cameras, ART can provide CCTV inspections of underground drains, sewer lines and pipelines. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows our technicians to pinpoint the exact cause and location of the problem and provide same-day diagnosis and maintenance repair solutions. 

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Preventative maintenance 

Protect sewer lines from future damage with ART’s sewer cleaning and preventative maintenance services. In addition to vacuum truck services and sewer jetting, we also utilize CCTV inspections to identify minor issues so they can be repaired before they turn into costly, time-consuming problems. 

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Rehabilitation & Replacement Services

Trenchless sewer line replacement and directional drilling

Underground infrastructure projects don’t have to cause major traffic disruptions and unsightly landscaping disasters. Advanced Rehabilitation Technology’s sister company, S&S Directional Boring Ltd. offers everything from small pipe installation to large trenchless water line replacement and everything in between. 

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Water & wastewater rehabilitation services 

Water and wastewater systems put in place decades ago are beginning to deteriorate at an alarming rate. As an OBIC certified installer, ART can offer trenchless sewer line repair that will restore these systems to peak operating efficiency with minimal disruption to service. Our customizable solutions are long-lasting and have an impressive return on investment. 

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Meeting & Training Room Space

Looking for a space to conduct your next networking meeting, training event or board meeting? ART’s corporate office in Bryan, Ohio, offers a state-of-the-art training room that is available for rent. Able to accommodate up to 52 face-to-face participants, this spacious room has everything you need in a distraction-free space. 

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