Muskingum County, located east of Columbus, Ohio, was established in 1804. Home of Zanesville, the state’s capital from 1810-1812, the county is known for its many interesting historical, cultural and geographical features. 

While many of Muskingum County’s historical landmarks can be seen while driving through the county, some aging structures are below the surface of the streets. The decades-old sewer system, essential to the county’s health and safety, had been out of sight and out of mind until Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) corrosion began affecting various structures.

Lift station, wet well and manhole rehabilitation 

Stan Lucas, sewer department manager at Muskingum County Sewer, was in search of a cost-effective option for rehabilitating the county’s lift station, wet well and manholes when he heard about Advanced Rehabilitation Technology from a neighboring county.

ART, a certified OBIC installer, specializes in underground infrastructure repair and maintenance. Using environmentally sound, spray-in-place lining systems we can rehabilitate aging water, wastewater and industrial systems with minimal disruption to service. According to Stan, this is exactly what the county needed to correct the damage caused by hydrogen sulfide corrosion in the sewer system. “In situations like this, it is more cost-effective to reline rather than replace the structures.”

Fortunately, rehabilitating aging wastewater structures with ART is not only more cost-effective it is also long-lasting. Once complete, the rehabilitated structures would have a life expectancy of 50 years or longer. 

Correcting Hydrogen sulfide corrosion 

Hydrogen sulfide gas, also known as H2S, is commonly found in wastewater collection systems. Places like Muskingum County’s lift station and wet well are perfect environments for this caustic gas to form and begin attacking the calcium carbonate constituents of the concrete structures. Eventually, this will cause inflow and infiltration issues and begin impacting structural integrity. 

Using OBIC Armor 1000, which is impervious to H2S, ART was able to restore Muskingum County’s lift station, wet well and manholes to peak efficiency and prevent future damage from occurring. “The relining process not only stopped H2S from further damaging the structures,” said Stan, “it also adds integrity to the structure.” 

When asked about his overall experience with ART, Stan had this to say. “It has been a great experience working with ART. They can reline sewer structures cost-effectively in less time than replacement without having to reclaim at the end of the project.”

Long-lasting solutions to prevent H2S corrosion

With the lift station, wet well and manhole rehabilitation complete, these structures are once again operating at peak efficiency. Although they may never be seen on a historical tour of Muskingum County, they will continue to be an integral part of the community for the next several decades. Once again out of sight and out of mind, not because of neglect but because they are protected with an OBIC lining system. 

Free product demonstrations available

Interested in learning more about ART’s high-performance sewer lining repairs? We offer free product demonstrations and will even provide lunch for everyone who attends. All we need from you is a manhole no deeper than 8-9’ that we can use for the demonstration. 

Schedule your product demonstration online, or give us a call at 419-636-2684.