​In 2021, the city of Johnstown, PA experienced severe infiltration at the casting and cone joint of a 3.17vf manhole located approximately 150’ down in a Gautier Steel Limited tunnel.  How severe?  At an estimated 40 gallons per minute or 2,400 gallons per hour, that equaled about 57,600 gallons in a day’s time.  If the infiltration would have continued, it would have been an extra 21,024,000 gallons of unnecessary treatment for their local plant to process in a year’s time.

Here are two videos taken that day that shows what the initial infiltration looked like:

Advanced Rehabilitation Technology (ART) has a great working relationship with the city of Johnstown and has for many years.  They know the problems we can handle.  After we received the call from them, it took a two-man ART crew only six hours to have the infiltration stopped, completely dry, and spray-lined utilizing the OBIC Multi-Layer Liner System.  The solution included:

  • Grout injection to slow the water flow
  • (8) OBIC 2210 cartridges
  • (2) OBIC 2262 cartridges
  • 10 pounds of Hydraulic Cement
  • Surface preparation: pressure wash and rinse manhole
  • Dry structure surface
  • Applicate the OBIC Multi-Layer Liner System

Here’s a great “after” shot of what the same manhole looked like after ART’s services were complete:

As an added bonus, the liner is also covered under a 10-year L&M warranty.

What were the total savings as a result of this project?  The treatment plant cost is $1.75 per 1000 gallons.  21,024,000 gallons per year divided by 1000 gallons equals 21,024 gallons.  21,024 gallons multiplied by $1.75 equals $36,792.

An impressive $36,792 was saved PER YEAR after the city of Johnstown spent about $5000 in an initial investment with us.  That’s definitely a win-win for the city from our perspective!

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