If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be an OBIC-certified installer, we have the perfect video for you! Watch this video we created from the point-of-view of an installer working inside a sanitary manhole as he applies the OBIC Multi-Layer Liner System.

Watch video now!

At Advanced Rehabilitation Technology (ART), we visit municipalities across the Midwest to willingly step into some of the most undesirable environments in order to bring old structures back to a new, functional life. From prep work to application, the ART team cuts out I&I issues, protects against highly corrosive gas, and preserves the life of the structure for many decades to come. This is no small task in a country with ever-aging water/wastewater systems, but it is our humble attempt to rehab America’s infrastructure one manhole, pump station, and tank at a time.

Here’s what’s being applied in the video – the OBIC Armor Multi-Layer System is comprised of two components, sprayed in a three-layer lining application:

  • The first layer we sprayed is the OBIC 1000 applied at 50 mils. This polyurea layer we often refer to as our adhesion layer. When prep work is performed properly, this first layer is sprayed on at 165 degrees Fahrenheit, sets up tack free in under 30 seconds, and is bonded to the host structure.

  • The second layer featured is OBIC Surfacer 1306 – Polyurethane Foam. This foam layer adheres extremely well to the polyurea, is applied at minimum 400 mils, and sets up tack-free in under 30 seconds as well. OBIC products’ quick cure time is a huge part of the OBIC Advantage and allows infrastructure systems to be put back in service in a matter of minutes after application.

  • The third layer applied is another layer of the OBIC 1000 Aromatic Polyurea, applied at 50 mils again to give the whole lining system a total of 500 mils. This final layer acts as a corrosion resistant barrier, as OBIC’s polyurea is scientifically designed by a team of chemists to specifically stand up against highly corrosive environments that sanitary infrastructure faces. It’s also third-party SWAT tested (Severe Wastewater Analysis Test – ASTM G210) and stands with a passing grade through all testing.

Advanced Rehabilitation Technology is proud of its partnership with the OBIC brand, and we look forward to helping solve your aging infrastructure issues for years to come.

If you are interested in learning more about the manhole rehabilitation process, ART offers product demonstrations that can be conducted in an optional lunch and learn format. Anyone interested in learning more about ART and the benefits of OBIC products is welcome to attend. All we need from you is a location and a manhole no deeper than 8-9’ for the demonstration, and we will provide the refreshments.

Contact us for more information or to schedule a free product demonstration.