Because we are an OBIC-certified installer, ART is able to provide an extensive line of products and services that are designed specifically for water and wastewater structure rehabilitation such as OBIC Armor Pure Polyurea, Primer, Spray Foam, Repair, and Clean products. With the launch of their chemical grout line, OBIC has set out to provide a comprehensive offering that includes a family of products that is hyper-focused on doing the one thing that it excels at – stopping leaks.

Here are the top 5 reasons why we recommend you try OBIC chemical grouts:

1. You don’t have to be a certified installer. With this year’s launch of an online store, anyone can order a chemical grout to suit their needs because the grouts do not require professional installation.

2. There’s a grout for every application. Backed by 40-years of grout manufacturing experience, OBIC’s grout materials are formulated to maximize performance for the particular application of wastewater, stormwater or industrial use.

3. As an industry leader, OBIC has the expertise to offer grouts for every scenario. The hydrophilic polyurethane grout seeks out water, is absorbed into cracks and pores of the concrete or masonry and has a tenacious bond to wet concrete. It is used to stop leaks via crack or joint injection. The hydrophobic grout repels water and its reaction is not affected by the presence of water. Hydrophobics are not well suited for crack injection, but are excellent for curtain grouting, sealing gushing leaks, compression sealing, void filling and soil stabilization.

4. They (OBIC) took science into their own hands. When they couldn’t find a product that met their high expectations, the OBIC team took on the challenge of developing (and field testing) a line of chemical grouts that would effectively stop infiltration. Plus, every grout product is backed by a team of chemists who employ rigorous testing to ensure consistency and quality.

5. The grouts are available to be applied by hand or pump, depending on the project. Larger areas and larger volume typically call for more grout making it more time and cost-effective to use pump injections. Hand injection will still work of course, but will be less efficient.


We’ve been using OBIC chemical grout in the field for years and we can attest to it’s impressive results. To learn more about OBIC grout, visit  or call us at 419-636-2684.