DRIVEN = Dedication. Respect. Integrity. Vision. Excellence. Nobility.

From a young age, Chief Growth Officer Dustin Schlachter learned that success meant working hard and dreaming big. Like most kids, he could often be found riding his bike around town. The only difference was that his bike was pulling a trailer with a lawnmower. From this first entrepreneurial endeavor, Dustin learned what it meant to be DRIVEN. Today, it serves as the guiding principle for how ART operates.

Our team is made up of experienced professionals who all share our philosophy of being DRIVEN:

Doug Simmons Exemplifies Dedication
Doug’s role at ART is to do whatever is necessary to keep things moving ahead – from making sure a project gets completed to keeping the equipment running to training and building people up for future growth. Having been with the company for over 12 years, he’s the self-proclaimed Problem Manager who knows how to work through any install issues or who to call to get things moving in the right direction.
For Doug, the D in dedication means a lot more than he could possibly put into words because it’s a feeling. He’s part of something bigger here and he feels an obligation to keep ART and OBIC moving toward the future. DRIVEN means they are acommplishing this with a set of values.

He believes ART is a great company to work for because the owner reinvests back into the company. With a slogan of “if you’re not growing you’re dying,” they are an impressive force that he would not want to compete against, but it was all earned. He is proud to be a part of what ART has become today and in the future.

PJ Rohrbaugh Exemplifies Respect
PJ has been with the company for five years and is a Project Manager in-training and Foreman. The R is respect – means that to get respect from your team, you need to give respect to them first. It’s also about respecting the equipment and facilities so the quality can be maintained for the long-term. But the most important kind of respect is how ART prides itself on taking care of the customer every time there is an opportunity to do so.
To PJ, DRIVEN means that you put in the work to be as productive and knowledgeable as possible, which positively affects the company’s growth. He thinks that ART is a great company to work for due to the family-type atmosphere, opportunity for growth, and belief in the product and the change it makes.

Ashley Hamman Exemplifies Integrity
Ashley processes Accounts Receivables and helps to keep aging reports current, maintains equipment and vehicle fleets, and keeps state registration and requirements current.
For Ashley, the I in integrity means that she is upfront, honest, willing to show up to do the tasks she is asked to do and to the best of her ability, regardless of what it takes. She shows people that she is someone that others are able to count on. DRIVEN means they are willing to put in the effort and dedication to better themselves every day.
She’s been with ART for over 3 years and truly enjoys what she does. The atmosphere and people are welcoming. The constant challenges to be better than before and the drive to continue to improve personally and as a company make it a great place to work.

Kristi Kimpel Exemplifies Vision
As CFO, Kristi oversees the front office and its employees. She not only works on developing the front office employees in a professional sense, but also strives to make a positive impact on a personal level. Since she began working for ART 16 years ago, she’s been referred to as Dustin’s right-hand man, maybe due to the fact that they are siblings, but she’s the one who executes his ideas.
For Kristi, the V in vision means carrying out the vision of the companies as seen through the eyes of the owners. She knows she’s part of something big at ART and seeing the vision unfold and being a part of the execution is a dream and surreal at times. She feels lucky that Dustin is the dreamer and that she can assist with bringing his vision to light. Kristi feels that DRIVEN means staying in it for the long haul, getting it done when the days are long and the task at hand isn’t fun, as well as staying focused on the purpose and the end result.
She knows that ART is a great company to work for because she gets to work with some of her favorite people, and it’s a respectful place that treats others how they individually want to be treated. In addition, they have a lot of fun while working hard, which is important when spending more time during the week with your work family than your own. It took of lot of time, hours, and energy of people being DRIVEN to earn where they are and it makes her proud to tell people where she works.

Trey Hesselschwardt Exemplifies Excellence
Trey has been with the company for over a decade, and in that time he has become an enabler of excellence. He enables everyone to be able to do their job by providing the knowledge, information, or training necessary to complete all tasks. He enables the field guys by answering questions about the trucks, jobs, equipment, material, and maintenance in order to eliminate problems so the project can be completed successfully. Trey enables sales with information to help them estimate how jobs will get done, how long they might take, and how much material might be used. In addition, he oversees crew operations and report findings back to help enable upper management to be able to make decisions with this information. Trey is also a trainer for job operations, including safety.
For Trey, the E in excellence means excellent effort. Effort that is then applied toward excellence in performance. He strives to eliminate compromise and complacency in order to put forth his best effort to be better than he was the day before. DRIVEN is a clear guiding path for his career. It’s a way for him to know what this company stands for and what he needs to do to succeed.
At ART, he has been given opportunity after opportunity to grow and advance through numerous roles with countless different expectations and responsibilities. He was never put in a box and not allowed to grow. ART has never stopped investing in its employees, equipment, and the industry and that’s what makes ART a pretty great company to work for.

Rusty Hesselschwardt Exemplifies Nobility
For Rusty, the N in nobility means to do the right thing even when it may be a hard thing to do. In his 12 years working in business development and project management, he also knows that it’s about treating everyone with respect, making sure to talk and walk with a purpose, and be willing to help others.

Driven is a word he has used for himself for a long time. It is having the self worth to keep moving and pushing yourself to get the job done. He applies this on a personal level and also for others when he helps them stay faithful to what they are trying to achieve.

Rusty knows that ART is a great company to work for because it is a place that let’s you grow and helps you grow into whatever you want to be. The tools are supplied to you, and you just have to have the DRIVE to make it happen.

ART is an OBIC certified installer and can offer high-quality, cost-effective alternatives to the replacement of sewer pipes and manholes.  OBIC lining systems are designed to extend the life of the structure by 50 years or longer, and all ART-installed multi-layered systems and OBIC Armor systems include a 10-year manufacturing warranty.  For more information, or to schedule a free, customized product demonstration, call 419-636-2684.